Welcome to Osaka GUEST HOUSE MATSU

From Tengachaya Station

From the subway Midosuji Line Tengachaya Station.

Please exit the ticket gate and go to the left.


From Nankai Line Tengachaya Station

Exit the ticket gate, go towards the West exit.


Turn right at the parking lot and go straight through the shopping mall.

When you go out to the west exit of Tengachaya station, you see a bicycle parking lot. Turn right at the parking lot and go straight to the end of the shopping mall.


Turn left and go straight on the shopping street.

Turn left before the condominium, go straight ahead shopping street.


Cross the pedestrian crossing and turn right

Cross the pedestrian crossing where you passed through the shopping street, turn right and go straight ahead.


Take the “Tsukemen Marubushi” to the left on the road

Go straight ahead along the road and turn left on the diving road before “Tsukemen Marubushi”.
If you go straight ahead 160 meters you will arrive at “Guest House Matsu”.


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