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Buckwheat noodles(Soba) lesson

Date 2nd week of every month, on Wednesday and Saturday (morning and afternoon)
※ subjected to change without notice.
Hours 14: 00-16: 00 (Wednesday)
9: 30-11: 30/13: 30 – 15: 30 (Saturday)
Charge 2,600 yen (500 g of soba)
Capacity 20 people
Place Shinanoya soba Co., Ltd.
6 minutes on foot from guest house
Organizer Shinanoya soba Co., Ltd.
what to bring Apron, 2 towels, sling, container for buckwheat (4 ~ 5 servings)


Event content

Beginners feel free to join! You can experience the taste of authentic soba.
The taste of soba made by yourself is exceptional!
Soba can be eaten on New Year’s Eve and relocation day and is one of the popular foods for Japanese people.
It is recommended for foreign guests who want to make Japanese food as well as to taste it.



How to apply

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